Elder Law

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Elder law is a term still being defined by our community and our legal scholars. At The Morehouse Law Firm, we consider it fundamentally intertwined with – and yet unique from – our family law practice. A standard premarital agreement takes on a very different flavor when either side has adult children whose inheritance needs protection. Divorce and spousal support planning can be greatly impacted when Social Security or retirement benefits are involved.

Some legal work, however, is unique to our citizens distinguished by age and experience. When our loved ones suffer from dementia or stroke and can no longer care for themselves, the court can intervene to appoint a guardian or conservator to protect them and their property. Similarly, negotiating the complex web of assisted living facilities, Medicare, geriatric care managers, and other healthcare entities can be daunting at best. Competent legal representation can make these difficult situations much easier.

Preserving and protecting your hard earned funds through strategic estate planning is also an important consideration. We are happy to offer Estate Planning services that coordinate with other elements of our Elder Care services.

Whether you are considering elder law services for yourself, a parent, a spouse, or even a neighbor, The Morehouse Law Firm will provide you a compassionate and knowledgeable path forward.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation.